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Single Hand Plate - 14 days project - 

Process of a plate design, able to being used with a single hand and without having the aspect of a typical handicap product.​​​​​​​ Having as a main goal to learn about ceramics, and cnc.


Being a Skills project, and having as a main goal to learn the most I could about craft, left not much space for researching, so making a time sheet at first became a really important step in the process since it was the key to take to most from the waiting moments during the 3d printing, and the drying of the ceramics.


Then, the shape came actually pretty naturally, because of its functionality. Knowing I wanted to have a wall in the plate, and work with two different materials, made things easier. It was just about trying with different simple geometries. 


Then the prototyping phase started with a few models in 3d, mostly to check sizes and inclinations. The plate went from 3º to 5º, and the same happened to the wooden base.


Moulding in plaster

Once I had the final 3d printed model, next step was about creating a mould to pour slip in, until find the right thickness. 

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Not everything goes as planned though